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Would you like to enjoy a delicious, healthy and natural drink that gives you energy, antioxidants and well-being?

So, we invite you to discover matcha tea , the best kept secret of Japanese culture.

Matcha tea is a powdered green tea obtained from the youngest and most select leaves of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis), which are grown in the shade to preserve their properties and flavor. When consuming matcha tea, you not only infuse the leaves, but you ingest them whole, making the most of their benefits.

matcha tea It has multiple health benefits, such as:

  • Macha to increase metabolism and promote weight loss.
  • Strengthen the immune system With Macha and prevent diseases.
  • Improve mood, memory and concentration by drinking Macha.
  • Maintain liver and heart health with Macha intake.
  • Macha to prevent premature aging and protect the skin.

In addition, matcha tea has a mild, sweet and slightly bitter flavor, which can be combined with milk, water, fruits, yogurt or even other ingredients to prepare delicious recipes, such as cakes, ice cream, smoothies, cookies and much more.

At Teamatcha Zen, we offer you the highest quality of Matcha tea on the market, 100% Organic, Pure and Authentic, without additives or preservatives. Our matcha tea It comes from the best plantations, where every detail is taken care of to obtain a product of excellence. Additionally, when purchasing our matcha tea , you contribute to the preservation of the environment and the development of local communities.

And if you were wondering,

Where to buy quality Matcha?

On our website, you will find all the information you need about matcha tea, from where to buy quality matcha tea, to the benefits of Matcha, its properties and some of the best recipes with culinary Matcha tea. You can also buy our matcha tea online, with fast and safe shipping, and enjoy offers and discounts.

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Matcha Zen * Premium Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea

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Matcha Zen * Premium Culinary Organic Matcha Tea

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Ceremonial Matcha

Ceremonial Matcha Tea

It is the powdered green tea used in the tea ceremony. It is known for its sweet and sour flavor, and its vibrant green color. The tea ceremony is a traditional practice that focuses on the preparation and presentation of matcha.

To prepare matcha, a ceramic bowl, a bamboo whisk, and a bamboo spoon are usually used. First, a tablespoon of matcha is placed in the bowl and hot water is added. Then, beat vigorously with the bamboo whisk until a foam forms on the surface.

There are several types of matcha available in the market, but ceremonial matcha is considered the best, due to its superior quality. Ceremonial matcha is grown in the shade to increase its chlorophyll and amino acid content, giving it its distinctive flavor and vibrant green color.

Here are some of the benefits attributed to it:

1. Rich in antioxidants :

Matcha is rich in catechins, a type of plant compound that acts as a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants help stabilize harmful free radicals, compounds that can damage cells and cause chronic diseases.

2. It can help protect the liver :

Some studies have found that drinking green tea, including matcha, may help protect liver health.

3. It can improve brain function :

Matcha contains caffeine and L-theanine, two compounds that can improve brain function and increase concentration.

4. It can help reduce stress :

L-theanine can also help reduce stress and promote relaxation without causing drowsiness.

5. It can help with weight control :

Some studies have found that drinking green tea, including matcha, can help reduce body weight and abdominal fat.

Now that you see how beneficial it is for you, what are you waiting for to place your first order and enjoy all these properties while delighting in the aromas of the purest and most delicate green tea powder?

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