How to prepare Matcha Tea

How to prepare matcha tea like an expert: Tips and tricks from Japanese websites

Matcha tea is a healthy and delicious drink obtained from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, grown in the shade to increase its chlorophyll and antioxidant content. To prepare matcha tea correctly, you need specific utensils and follow a few simple steps. In this article we are going to teach you how to do it, based on the Japanese websites, which are the ones that best know this ancient art.

The utensils you need to prepare matcha tea

  • Matcha: matcha tea powder, which must be quality, organic and pure. We recommend the product, high-quality organic matcha tea offered by “Matcha Zen” .
  • Matchawan: the ceramic bowl or bowl, round in shape and with a slightly curved edge, where matcha tea is prepared and served.
  • Chasen: The bamboo whisk, which has about 80 to 120 outwardly curved filaments, used to mix matcha tea with water and create a fine, uniform foam.
  • Chashaku: the bamboo spoon, curved in shape and with a rounded tip, used to measure and transfer matcha tea from the container to the matchawan.
  • Strainer: The fine mesh metal utensil used to sift matcha tea before adding it to the matchawan, to remove lumps and aerate the tea.
  • Measuring cup: The glass or metal utensil, which has a capacity of about 100 ml and a graduated scale indicating the temperature of the water, used to measure and heat the water to be used to prepare matcha tea.

The steps you must follow to prepare matcha tea

  • Heat the water: The water should be weakly mineralized, filtered or bottled, and should be boiled and then cooled to about 80°C for usucha (light matcha tea) or about 70°C for koicha (thick matcha tea).
  • Heat the matchawan: To prevent the matcha tea from cooling down quickly, you should pour some hot water into the matchawan, move it with the chasen so that it heats evenly, and then empty the water and dry the matchawan with a clean cloth.
  • Sift the matcha tea: To prevent the matcha tea from caking and forming lumps, you should sift it with the strainer over the matchawan, using the chashaku or a small spoon. For the usucha, you should use a teaspoon of matcha tea, or about 2 grams. For koicha, you should use two teaspoons of matcha, or about 4 grams.
  • Add the water: You should carefully add the hot water to the matchawan, without wetting the edge. For the usucha, you should use about 70 ml of water. For koicha, you should use about 40 ml of water.
  • Whisk the tea: you must hold the chasen with your right hand, and the matchawan with your left hand, and move the chasen quickly from top to bottom, without making circular or lateral movements, or touching the bottom of the matchawan. For the usucha, you must whisk the tea until a layer of foam with small bubbles forms. For koicha, you want to whisk the tea until it forms a thick, creamy paste. When you finish blending the tea, you should remove the chasen from the matchawan through the center of the foam, making a circular motion.

How to enjoy matcha tea

  • Serve the matcha tea in the matchawan, or in a ceramic or porcelain cup, that is comfortable to hold and does not get too hot.
  • Drink matcha tea while it is hot, but without burning yourself, in small sips, appreciating its texture and flavor.
  • Drink matcha tea with respect and gratitude, remembering its origin and history, and connecting with Japanese culture and spirituality.


Matcha tea is a drink that offers many benefits for your health and well-being. To prepare it correctly, you need specific utensils and follow a few simple steps. In this article we have taught you how to do it, based on Japanese websites, which are the ones that best know this ancient art. If you want to enjoy the authentic taste of Japanese green tea, we recommend the high-quality organic ceremonial matcha tea offered by Matcha Zen .

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